Shock and Strut Service
In Kalamazoo

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Shocks and struts help keep tires tight to the road and reduce bounce and pitch by absorbing impacts. Does your car or truck still provide you with a smooth, comfortable ride and good handling response? If not, it might be time to check your shocks and struts. Since shocks and struts degrade slowly over time depending on vehicle usage, the changes in steering and control may not always be apparent. We recommend that shocks and struts be inspected every year or approximately every 12,000 miles.

The staff at Dunshee Body & Frame know that shocks and struts are critical to your vehicle’s suspension system. Along with helping to extend the life of your tires, a well-maintained suspension system is necessary for safety when steering and braking your vehicle. If your vehicle sways or drifts during turns, has prolonged bouncing when you hit a bump, or dips down in the front when the brakes are applied, it is time for your shocks and struts to be inspected.

Don't let your vehicle take control of your driving. The professional, well-trained staff at Dunshee Body & Frame is ready to inspect, maintain, and as needed replace your vehicle’s shocks and struts. Dunshee Body & Frame is here to help you keep your vehicle’s ride smooth and the handling performance precise. We have convenient hours, a clean and comfortable shop, reliable service, and many satisfied customers.

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